Michael Streppa on the Psychology of Faith

Psychologists have long been aware of the important role faith plays in our healing, our personal growth and the connection to our overall health and well-being. Daily devotionals, prayer, worship and meditation are among the many ways we can strengthen and grow in our faith. This has a direct impact on our psychological, physical and spiritual health.

Try an experiment: each day for one week (minimum; longer is better), take 15 minutes to incorporate a new practice or habit related to your faith. For example, if you attend worship each week but are not prone to daily prayer, begin the practice of reading a daily devotional. Its free and readily available on the internet. Choose one you like each day and spend that time reflecting on the content. At the end of the week, ask yourself what you notice about how the daily practice has influenced your mood, about how you feel, about your daily routines, your relationships, your sleep or your energy level, etc.

Incorporating such practices into your daily routine has been demonstrated to have a positive effect on many aspects of health, including improved blood pressure, stress levels, chronic pain, and sleep as well as many other aspects of our health. Try it for yourself and see what happens. *Tip: when you set aside this time each day, it is important to minimize and if possible eliminate altogether any distractions or interruptions such as phone calls, text messages, television and so forth.

Thanks for reading! I wish you well!

Michael Streppa


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